Aluminum alloy surface coating role

- Jan 15, 2018-

Aluminum alloy surface coating (coating) process refers to the use of specified materials through a certain process of cross-linking polymerization, in order to form a coating on the working surface has a certain thickness of the process, this coating is called Surface coating or surface coating. The main role of the coating has the following three points:

  (1) protection. Aluminum profiles in the use of the process, long-term exposure to the air, will be oxygen, water, acid, salt spray and a variety of corrosive gases, ultraviolet erosion and destruction. In the need to be protected on the surface of the surface by a certain coating process to form a coating thickness (ie, protective layer), which play a protective role.

  (2) decorative effect. Paint can be prepared a wide range of colors, coupled with the coating flat and bright, and even can make a variety of three-dimensional texture effects, such as hammer, orange, grain, suede, the product form a beautiful and appearance and The special properties needed to play a role in beautifying the human environment.

  (3) other role. In addition to the protective and decorative effects, the coating has many special functions such as electrical insulation, antistatic, antifouling, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, thermal insulation, reflective, anti noise, shock absorption, anti-skid and UV protection. Coating these special features, enhance the use of products, broaden the scope of the product, the coating products in the field of national economy is more and more widely used.