Common industrial aluminum chassis accessories

- Jan 15, 2018-

Industrial Aluminum Enclosure Accessories are the necessary accessories for the chassis frame components as well as panels and covers that are mounted on industrial aluminum chassis frames, panels, and covers. Common accessories include: chassis feet, side handle, rails, handles, hinges, buckles and locking devices and so on.

For most electronic equipment, some of the components and parts mounted on the fixed panel belong to the chassis accessory; for the chassis into which the unit is inserted, the parts installed on the panel inserted into the cell are not part of the chassis accessory.

Industrial aluminum chassis structure is determined, the mold, special equipment followed, therefore, the chassis in the standardization, will not be easily changed. However, a variety of different uses of chassis accessories, but with the update of electronic components, mechanical design improvements and continuous improvement. Although a wide range of industrial aluminum chassis accessories, but according to their different functions and characteristics, can be divided into several categories.