Industrial aluminum extrusion form of the classification

- Jan 15, 2018-

Industrial aluminum extrusion production to today, its form can be described as a wide range of different characteristics, each in production play its due role.

According to the billet extrusion temperature can be divided into hot extrusion cold extrusion. The billet is heated to a certain temperature under extrusion for hot extrusion, the billet is extruded at room temperature for cold extrusion. Hot extrusion can save squeeze pressure, high mechanical properties of aluminum products; cold extrusion surface quality, high dimensional accuracy.

According to the direction of industrial aluminum outflow can be divided into vertical extrusion and horizontal extrusion. Vertical extrusion products, short length, low productivity, but the wall thickness deviation smaller; horizontal extrusion production of aluminum products, more convenient operation.

According to the extrusion of aluminum pipe perforation pin activities can be divided into fixed pin extrusion and follower pin extrusion. Extrusion process, the extrusion needle does not follow the movement of the extrusion axis of movement for the fixed pin extrusion, extrusion pin with the extrusion axis forward and follow-up needle extrusion. Needle extrusion extrusion wall thickness of high precision, can produce thick-walled pipe; With needle extrusion Extrusion needle there taper, the production of pipe wall thickness will change, and the production of thick-walled products is too short, the yield is low.

Aluminum pipe production, according to the billet billet and non-porous can be classified punching and shunt extrusion. Perforation extrusion wide range of applications, soft, hard alloy can be produced, good organizational performance; split-die extrusion is only applicable to soft alloys, and aluminum products, there is a weld, but the higher dimensional accuracy, the production of hollow profiles also use more diversion mode extrusion. Diverting mode subdivision and sub-bridge diversion. Bridge shunt for more than shunt ratio, or hard alloy hollow aluminum extrusion, flat shunt for soft alloy, shunt smaller pipe and hollow aluminum extrusion.