The application of large aluminum material in electrical and electronic household appliances

- Jan 15, 2018-

In the electrical industrial aluminum, large-scale industrial aluminum widely used as the opposite sex conductor, AC transmission grid in the large aluminum, tube bus, transmission grid support, indoor and outdoor wiring and accessories.

Wide range of lighting fixtures, large lead alloy profiles are mainly used for large shade parts, reflector holders and road lighting support materials: and poles, etc., in communications facilities, large-scale industrial aluminum shed. Pan widely used in the production of a variety of large, irregular wave catheter and a variety of deprive the use of ancient machines, telephones, computers and transceivers Long large components and telecommunications posts in the box and tank radio profile. Among the electronic components, the large aluminum alloy tree mainly covers the housings and components of various electronic instruments, such as a magnetic disk substrate and a magnetic disk, a photosensitive drum of an electronic camera, a copier and a laser printer. In the household appliances, large pots of gold soil is used as shell, bracket, cooler and so on.