Aluminum Windows And Plastic Windows Comparison Instructions

- Jan 15, 2018-

Aluminum windows and plastic windows comparison instructions

1. Grade differences: the domestic aluminum window and plastic windows are suitable for different types of consumer groups, statistics show that the plastic window is suitable for general low-rise residential, often this grade of consumer products to the product Quality requirements are not very high, and high-performance thermal aluminum window is suitable for all types of high-grade, all grades of construction, and quality, life expectancy have stood the test of high standards.

2. Performance differences: the two energy-saving effect is similar; However, due to the material differences, plastic window prone to deformation after a period of time, the sealing performance is not as high-performance aluminum window.

3. The difference in life: Due to the material strength and elastic modulus and wear resistance vary greatly, so that the life of high-performance aluminum alloy window is often greater than the life of plastic window.

4. Price differences: Generally speaking, the price of high-performance aluminum alloy window is usually higher than the price of plastic window. However, in the long run, though the price of high-performance aluminum alloy windows is high, the service life is long, while the plastic steel windows are cheaper but have a shorter service life. Therefore, the overall price ratio quite.