China Aluminum Processing Materials Varieties

- Jan 15, 2018-

In the 21st century, China's aluminum processing industry closely integrated with the needs of the market and scientific development, so that the traditional aluminum processing materials have been gradually transformed into modernized aluminum processing materials. As a result, great changes have taken place in the varieties of aluminum processing materials in China. China's aluminum processing materials are characterized by high performance, high precision, energy saving, environmental protection, many products have become well-known brands at home and abroad, renowned in domestic and foreign markets; product quality has improved steadily, product standards have been in the international advanced level Ranks, the major aluminum manufacturers in addition to national standards of production, can be directly accepted by the world's advanced national standards for the order. This shows that China's aluminum production has been further internationalized production, and to meet the national economy and science and technology on various aspects of high-precision aluminum demand, the major aluminum processing enterprises have also formulated a number of internal supply technical standards.